No more dating, just going to get a cat

 (stories of dating, food, friendship, and cats) 

This whole blog idea came into being after a major break up with my now ex-boyfriend  of four years, that shook me to my core.  I’ve stepped back into the dating the world like Bambi learning to walk.

A blog about learning how to get back onto your feet after having someone always their for you, and finding yourself at an impasse, with no definite dircetion to turn to.

A blog that also looks at the phrase, “Is this real life?” It seems that for some reason when I’m single, shit does down, and I swear the shit men say and do to me, I could write a book; so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Along with writing about the dating scene and my life choices there, I have also taken liberty to write about my friends, because they are a huge apsect of my life and the decisions I make.

Oh, and don’t forget about all the cats in my life, they have a story too. So many cats, so much free time. 

I have made my blog anonymous in order to protect my career and myself from certain people. I would prefer to be open to who this is, but my career is much to important to me, so this will remain anonymous. Names will be changed throughout my blog, but locations such as stores may still be given out and states I’m certainly in, but I will reframe from labing something that could be %100 be traced back to me. 

Its time to get back onto the dating scene, because I’ve realized I have forgotten how to date. Which is a hug problem for me, because I love sex, I love someone cooking for me, and my cat is far away back home. So I have to figure this shit out. For my own sake, my diet, and my vibrators.




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