The Girl

 The Basics:
  • Call me Sally Fields
  • I’m from Southern California
  • I’m currenlty freezing my ass off in the great State of Illinois
  • I’m twenty-four years old
  • I’m all about Quotations
  • I’m addicted to cats
  • I love FOOD (mmmm, cheesecake)
  • I want to become a published writer
  • I’m a short, blue eyed, red haired, freckled girl
  • I LOVE books
  • I’ve traveled all over the United States (National Parks)
  • I have played Soccer, Ran track, cross country and I have been riding dirt bikes since I was six years old
  • I think I’m not funny
  • I’m really shy when I meet new people

Sexy Can I? (The dirty secrets)

  • Kissing my neck and biting me is the hottest thing ever
  • I keep losing my underwear
  • I’ve done some outrageous shit…
  • Threesome? Been there, done that.
  • I’ve had six one night stands

One response to “The Girl

  1. Poutain, you nailed it again..Ms. powerpuff, ms. daring bazooka ! im liking you……i guess !

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