The Friends

This portion of my blog is an explanation of my closest friends; the people I care about most in my life. Now when you see their names pop up through my stories you will know a little bit more about my friendship with them.

Valerie: I have known her since high school. She is one of my best friends and one of the most important people in my life. Crazy shit always happens to us and we have the best stories. We have gone through a lot together, from love, hurt, happiness, and crazy dancing. I don’t know what I would do without her. She has hands down always been there for me. I keep dating all her friends and I think she’s getting close to killing me because of it. But it does make for some fun conversations/stories . She is beautiful beyond measure, she is such a beautiful spirit and so talented and gifted She will always be there for me. And I will always be there for her. We have already planned on growing old together as best friends one day, just sitting on the front porch and talking about life. I love you Valerie.

Tina: I have known her technically since high school all the way up until now, but we didn’t meet until last fall. I love her to pieces. She is a life long friend, she is a best friend. Funny shit happens when we are together, well more she takes care of my drunk ass. She is the most caring, loving, generous women I have ever met. The man that ends up marrying her one day will be the luckiest guy in the world. She is such a beautiful, funny spirit, that brings light to any dark cloud. She will find love one day and it will be the greatest love anyone on this earth has ever felt. I love you Tina. Best friends forever.

The Magician: I’m so thankful to have someone like you in my life. You are a good guy friend. We met last year and we have gotten to know each other better and better. We have started traveling with each other performing our work, his magic and my poetry and I’m so glad to have you on the road with us! He’s a pretty sick talented magician and I look forward to touring with him more. You’re a good friend and I’m glad to have someone like you apart of my life. 

The Soggy friend:  He hates when I use the word “soggy” so I call him soggy as much as possible and I think it’s made for a good friendship. I’m not really sure how we met, I know it was through Valerie, but I don’t know even remember the first time we met, we just started talking shit to each other and BAM friends! You’re a good friend, we talk some major shit and I love it, I love are drunk porch talks.

The Poet of many big words: I’m not too sure where I should have put you. Because I have these moments that I think you have a crush on me, but then I don’t think that. I’m not sure, you’re confusing and very young, like younger then my brother by a few months and yeah… But you have been a great friend. You always remember a lot about the first time we met and a week ago you said to me, “A year ago you were just a shadow to the light you are now.” You told me I seemed so broken last year and never spoke up and now you can’t keep me to shut up about my poetry. You have been a fun friend to workshop with and I’m glad you’re apart of my life. I look forward to more talks, more workshops and more poetry!

Violet: We don’t see each other a lot now that I go to school far away to you are so busy with you’re wonderful life but when we meet up its like we have been hanging out everyday. You are my rock, you love me me uncontidailly. When we were driving you looked over at me after I was talking and said, “Well people like you Sally because you’re so well rounded.” You really see me and really care about me. You are such a beautiful, caring, giving person, gosh you are so beautiful and so full of life and for someone so little as you, damn you have such a huge personality. I love it! We will be best friends forever. You know you’re one of those people I know for sure will be in my wedding one day(when that day is, who knows). I want you to be apart of the important events in my life. You are another Best Friend in my life. I’m so glad you’re apart of my life. I love you Violet! Best friends forever.

Cassidy: You are a new friend in my life and I’m so thankful we have met. You are the leo to my Gemini. I hope we become life long friends! You are a beautiful, fun, badass person. You are so smart and so put together. I hope you know how special and beautiful you are. I love our loving text messages we send to each other. I can’t wait for all the fun adventures we are about to go on. Love you!

Cat:  This is a dear friend of mine. I met her my junior year of choir and we both ended up having soccer injuries at the same time as well and always made donut runs during are work  outs. This girl, geez I love her so much. She is a best friend for life. I miss her so much. She is a amazingly talented women with such a love for people and for the world. She brings such a beautiful light into this world. I’m so thankful I have gotten to met someone like her. I hope we remain friends forever, she is such a amazing person. I miss you everyday. Love you Cat!

Michelle: I’m so thankful everyday I’ve met you. You are such a beautiful, talented, loving woman. You are truly a gift to this world. Such a beautiful singer as well! Geez what can’t you do! I love you so much! You are a beautiful friend and a wonderful woman. What would I do without you? You are such an amazing women and so much stronger than you realize. But of course the strongest of people always have the hardest of times noticing.  Amazing things are going to happen in your life! I cannot wait to witness all of them!

Annie: We were roommates in the past. I’ve only know her for about two years now, but without a doubt I know she is beautiful and unlike anyone I have ever met. She is so strong and unyielding as a women. She doesn’t need a man to make her feel loved. She knows exactly how to make fun of me and I love it. She is a women on the right path to her career. I don’t know if she knows it yet but she has such an amazing future ahead of her. I love you!

Jamie, Jamie. O and Jenny: These three have been my roommates for this past year. I will miss them when they move out. I found them randomly out of the blue when I was looking for roommates. I’m so glad I met these lovely ladies. They are all three such wonderful ladies. So beautiful, talented and caring. I hope they know this. Drinking with them has been an adventure, the crazy stories (mainly the shit i do drunk) I will miss them. I hope each of them know how beautiful they are, how caring they are and how loved they are by everyone. Someday each of these beautiful women will end up with a wonderful guy, thats one thing I’m very sure of. Hoping for more memories to come, hope this year isn’t the end.

Alicia: I met you through my roommates. We are finally getting to know each other. I’m so glad I’ve met you. You are so fun and so full of life. I hope you know how beautiful, sweet, and super caring of a person you are. I’m thankful I’ve met you. I can’t wait for the many more memories we will have!

Emma: Roommates with Alicia is how I met you. I’m glad we’re getting to know each other now. You are so wonderful so fun and such a bright light in a room. I hope you know how wonderful you are and you deserve the best out of life. I’m glad we have met.

Bob: Now I never dated Bob. Bob is one of the best friends you could ever ask for. We actually started becoming really good friends after Thrilla and I broke up the first time. He is super funny, outgoing, and has one of the must unique styles of humor and really cares about his friends. He has helped me through a lot of heart break in my life and he has always made me better about it all. He always knows how to talk to me and make me relxed about the stresses in my life. Bob is funny though, because he always makes jokes that no one wants to date him. but one day Bob you will find a goegrous women, who will love all your jokes and she will be one of the sweetest girls out there! She will be everything you’ve been looking for. So have no fear Jon! You will meet her one day…

Lets hope.

Thanks for being a true friend Bob.

TammyI have known Tammy since 4th grade. We have been extremely close friends and we have been through a lot together. I really miss hanging out with her. She lives back home in California and is living her life. I’m so happy for her and I hope everyday she is happy and having a wonderful day. Her friendships means a lot to me. We don’t see each other much but I try to call her when I can and chat for a bit. I have some wonderful memories from hanging out with Tammy and she has seen the beginning of my dating history and has seen the younger aspects of me and has seen me grow up into the person I have become today. I don’t know what I would have done without her from 4th grade and on. You have been a huge part of my young adult life and I hope we continue to talk and be friends. I miss you Tammy. I love you.

The guy with the cars-Until I think of a better name or ask you what to call you, this is your name. Because I know you love your car a lot and love cars a lot so I thought it be only fitting. I’ve known you since dating Mr. Nose Candy. You have been a good guy friends for years now. You have been there so many times when I’m crying. Wow now thinking about it, you have been there so much for me. I hope you know how much that means to me. You are extremely funny, fun to hang out with and full of so much heart. I know you have been looking for that right girl and I hope you find her soon. Because you deserve the best of a relationship and you soon will find the right girl for you. Again Thank you for always being the very best a friend could ask for. You and I always have fun crazy conversations and I cannot wait to come home so we can have some beers, talk about shit and say are famous line to each other, “Bitches man, bitches.”

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