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My Birth Chart

In astrology, a natal chart is a stylized map of the universe with the “native” (the individual or subject to be studied) at the center. It is calculated for the exact time and location of the native’s birth for the purposes of gaining insight into the native’s personality and potential. Commonly used alternative names for the natal chart include birth chart, horoscope, etc. The chart shows the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and potentially other celestial objects, all referred to as the native’s “planets,” within the frames of references defined by the astrological signs and houses.

Basically on a very long car ride to another state a group of writers and I got into talking about various numbers of spiritual connections such as cord cuttings, reiki, palm reading, Buddhism, etc. This lead to everyone’s signs in the car. We had a Leo, Taurus and two Gemini’s. I happen to be one of the Gemini’s in the car. Now I’ve never been super into astrology, always thought it was interesting, maybe a useful tool for when I’m feeling lost or lonely but never looked into too deeply, until my friend on the car ride spoke about the importance of knowing your birth chart.

And as the description speaks about, we are all born under a sign, like for me I was born under Gemini but depending on where you were born and what time changes where the stars where and what position they were in the sky. So Jupiter, the sun, the moon, etc. This changes everything for you personally and your sign.

So I decided to get my birth chart done yesterday. It’s fairly easy. You just need to know where you were born and at what time. You can get done free online.

I won’t put my whole birth chart on here because it’s over 25 pages long, but I will put a few paragraphs on here because honesty is tripped me out, a lot.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching lately but it really freaked me out on what my chart said about me as a person. 

(Take a read) Regardless if you believe in this shit or not. I think it’s important to take from all aspects of life. I think religiously, spiritually from all walks of life give us so much. Plus there is so much in all these religions and spiritual aspects, because humans give that energy to them. Personal I’m a big believer in taking from all walks of life and learning and feeling from them.

Parts of my Birth chart:

Sun in Gemini:
With the Sun in Gemini, the urge for self-expression is strong. These natives are often just as interested in collecting information as they are in sharing it. Curious to a fault, Geminis have a finger in every pie.

Solar Geminis are flexible and changeable people. Often quite adept at fitting in. They are friends to people from all walks of life, and are not easily intimidated. Their ability to detach themselves can make Geminis very objective and observant, but a little difficult to get close to. Although they often have many friends, intimacy doesn’t come as easily to Solar Geminis.  It can be difficult to know what Gemini really feels at any given moment. They are often very impressionable and scattered. There is usually a nervous air to Geminis that can make more personal characters a little uneasy.

Gemini ascendant Capricorn, Sun in V

You want to be noticed for your unique and special qualities and your creativity. You are happiest when you are expressing yourself in a special way and attention comes your way as a result. You have a flair for drama and/or sports. You are proud of your fun-loving attitude towards life. As you demonstrate your ability to shine, avoid grabbing center stage all of the time. Your happy disposition is enough to get noticed, but do find creative ways to express yourself, as this is the path to true happiness for you.

49 Conjunction Sun – Jupiter
Endowed with generosity and friendliness, in some ways you appear to be lucky in life. You attract good things with a positive frame of mind. Rarely entirely “down and out”, you are usually well-received, helpful, and well-informed. You’re generally not very competitive, and for the most part not combative either. As a result, you are usually well-liked. You are usually good-hearted, possessing strong morals and much faith in life and in people. You prefer to find the good in situations and in people. You don’t have a lot of patience with those who break the rules, as you generally believe in order, equality, and the law. Looking on the bright side is your forte--people can turn to you for a pleasing dose of faith and optimism. You are quick to chuckle and can’t resist any appeal to your sense of humor. Some people with this aspect are downright jolly. Others are less conspicuous, but their faith in life and willingness to find humor in life are nevertheless obvious.

The Moon represents the emotional responses, unconscious pre-destination, and the self-image. Moon in Pisces:
Lunar Pisceans are known to be dreamy and not always in touch with reality. However, though these people may not always show real-world savvy in day-to-day, practical affairs, they make up for this with remarkable intuition. They can put themselves in anybody’s shoes with extreme ease. On the plus side, this endows them with remarkable compassion and love. The down side with this apparent ability to break down boundaries is that these people can easily lose themselves in the suffering of others. Their sense of humor is delightfully silly and a bit odd. These are perceptive souls who seem to be in touch with all the nuances and subtleties of human nature. Often this comes through in a strong sense of humor that is more of the receptive kind than the type of sense of humor that would make people the “life of the party”. It’s generally pretty easy to get them giggling. In personal relationships, Lunar Pisceans are giving and yielding. They are generally open on a sexual level, in a quiet way. Their fantasies can be far-reaching, intricate, and rich with emotion. Love is closely tied in with their sexuality. Most Lunar Pisceans are shy; they need a trustworthy lover to bring them out. Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, and thus carries with it a little of each sign of the zodiac. As a result, they see themselves reflected in the behavior of others, giving them seemingly boundless compassion. Since the Moon represents our instinctive nature, Moon in Pisces seems to know how things feel without actual experience. For example, they may have never had sex, but seem to know all about it — even, or especially, the subtleties of it. The ones that aren’t too shy make awesome actors and actresses. This ability to empathize even in the absence of experience gives them an open mind and heart. Most long to express this through writing, music (both listening and making), poetry, and art — in fact, the happiest people with this position do just that. Pisces Moon individuals believe; and, let’s face it, the world needs Piscean leaps of faith.

Mercury in V
You tend to use your voice, whether written or spoken, as a means of creative self-expression. You can be witty and humorous, an engaging communicator, and a fun friend. You love playing games, especially ones that employ your intellect. You love tricks, jokes, plays on words, and mimicry. You might be skilled at impersonations. Some of you could be clever at lying. In some way, you are very entertaining with the spoken and/or written word. Communication and intellectual rapport is most attractive to you when it comes to romance.  You would make a good teacher, as you are very curious about how people learn and can come up with many ideas that allow you to teach others creatively.

-26 Opposition Mars – Neptune

This is a challenging position, as you have difficulty trusting in your ability to go after things that you want in a direct manner. It may also be that you have difficulty pinpointing what it is that you want, or that part of you doesn’t feel you deserve it due to a basic lack of self-confidence. You fear rejection as well as criticism, and often use roundabout means to go after what you want.

Your imagination is so powerful that it can be hard to trust your instincts. You easily imagine things going wrong, just as you easily fantasize about good things! Your desire nature is strong yet also very suggestible. You’re attracted to mysteries and intrigue. Sexual experimentation is likely, as you are forever addicted to sensuality and unusual or perhaps even what many would consider perverted sexual scenarios. However, your sensual appetite might be much like a bottomless pit, and you could find yourself forever in a state of wanting more, tiring of regular sexual scenarios quickly, and endlessly searching for the next sensation. If an addiction to fantasy is present, you can find yourself constantly chasing a new and more complicated fantasy. It is only when you get into touch with your heart and discover your true desires that you realize that sensations are merely sensations–not deeply satisfying or fulfilling. Fears of sexual inadequacy can be great with this position, and you may either deny yourself as a result, or overcompensate, seeking out experiences in which you are pretty much assured positive feedback. Some of you will experience both of these extremes in your lifetime.

birth chart

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Oh this Causal Life

Song of the day: Where I stood by Missy Higgins 

Quotation of the day: “It’s probably not just by chance that I’m alone. It would be very hard for a man to live with me, unless he’s terribly strong. And if he’s stronger than I, I’m the one who can’t live with him. … I’m neither smart nor stupid, but I don’t think I’m a run-of-the-mill person. I’ve been in business without being a businesswoman, I’ve loved without being a woman made only for love. The two men I’ve loved, I think, will remember me, on earth or in heaven, because men always remember a woman who caused them concern and uneasiness. I’ve done my best, in regard to people and to life, without precepts, but with a taste for justice.”
― Coco Chanel

Book I’m reading: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

For the majority of my dating life, up until now I have been a relationship kind of person. But I’m finding myself more and more naked, making out with a new flavor of the week each and every week. It’s getting to the point where it’s becoming harder for me to not only remember a guys names but for my friends as well. It’s gotten so bad that my one friend just calls each and every guy I’m seeing “David” Her logic is I will eventually date a David.

Now I don’t believe in Zodiac stuff at all, but I do think they are  fun to read through. Also sometimes I read them and I’m like damn Zodiac sign teller you are kind of right. I do prefer Leo’s to Capricorns, how did you know!? Damn. Like I’ve previously stated in another blog, I’m a Gemini. Yeah, I know…you should run for the hills. hahaha I think Gemini’s are the badasses of all the signs. I’m just saying…we be some crazy mother fuckers.

I think this is the first time in my life where I feel like I’m not going to meet Mr. Right anytime soon. And I when I say feel, I mean I have this deep down intuition telling me it’s not going to happen anytime soon. A few weeks ago in my Linguistic class my professor asks the women in my class, “How many of you after you graduate would want to be married within five years. Every women in the class raised their hand but me. Cool. I don’t think I’m going to fall in love again until I get back home to California.

I’ve begin this new stage in my life, it’s called causal. I’m still trying to figure the happy medium of what causal means. Because I have a hard time trying to figure out how naked I should get.

Last night I went out to eat. As Sat there eating I realized something. Shit there are three people in this restaurant that have seen me naked. I also have this problem on campus from time to time too. I told my roommate weeks ago, “I wish I could go through my day without seeing the three guys on campus that I have fooled around with, is that so hard to ask for!” I wonder if when a guy that has seen me naked looks at me in clothes but see me naked, like they can picture me naked. But I kind of hate the word “causal” I think it is such an open ended word. I prefer the word “dating” Because I feel like “causal” leaves everything up to so many possibilities. Also I’m trying to figure out the happy medium of who to have sex with. Because I definitely don’t just want to give it to anyone that walks into my life.

Also I’m at an impasse of who exactly to trust. I have trust issues, great I have those now. So I’m not exactly sure who to believe and what they say is true, because I don’t want someone to take advantage of me or use me.

My past keeps coming back to me. I don’t know why or how this keeps happening. I mean I’m not helping the situations of my past by letting it in. I don’t think past relationship can be rekindled. I mean I tried to date my ex all over again last summer, and look where that got me. Plus they already had their chance with me. I’m just not sure how I really feel, I just feel this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“You have your wonderful memories,” people said later, as if memories were solace. Memories are not. Memories are by definition of times past, things gone. … Memories are what you no longer want to remember.” 
— Joan Didion

But regardless of dating/relationship/sex I need to be around people that know who they are and know where they are going. I need to be around people that have a life plan, that have a beautiful future.

I’m not sure what experiences I want to have yet.

I’m know I’m worth more then a one night stand. I know I’m worth a lot, maybe more then most men I’ve met can handle. That’s why I’m still single. I haven’t met a man yet that knows this, that thinks about my needs before their own. That sees me glowing and smiling. And even if there are men out there that see’s this, it doesn’t mean they can give me emotional what I need, and especially can talk to me on my level. I need someone who has the emotional capability loving everything so fiercely it can barley be contain. And when I mean everything, I don’t mean loving me so fiercely, of course love me but I’m more concerned with the love you have for your family, life, career, friends.

I’m starting to think I’m imitating to men. I don’t know. I love life so passionately and so openly. I’m very up front about my life, i.e., this blog says so much. I’m not ashamed about my sexual history and especially not ashamed to mention it all over this blog. I think it’s hard for some people to date me or for me especially date someone because I know exactly what I want.

  • I want to publish a book
  • I want to love so fiercely that it cannot be contain
  • I want to teach
  • I want to eat the best piece of cheesecake in the world
  • I want my dream job, my dream is waiting for me back home
  • I want to go to every National park in the U.S.
  • I want to learn sign language
  • I want my Learning disability to mean nothing one day
  • I want to find a book that changes my soul again
  • I want to see Paul McCartney live on stage
  • I want to tell my story

A dear friend said this once to me when I was crying:

Everyone else shoots for the stars, knowing that if they don’t get to the stars they will at least hit the moon, but you, you shoot for the moon and end up in the stars.”

I look back at my life and I see this to be true, this is how I’ve always been. I sell myself short, in many aspects in my life. I am so powerful, so resilient, beautiful, caring, passionate, soulful.

I can see why I’m single. Because who in my life can give me what I deserve .

So I’m going to stick with Causal for the time being, until someone has their life together and can handle what I have to offer.


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Wednesday Night And still looking for my one and only cat

Wednesday Night And still looking for my one and only cat

Dear Readers,

Tonight has been just lovely and much needed after my stressful week. I not only had a midterm this afternoon, but also had ACT tutoring tonight as well. As a Transfer student I had thought I got out of ever needing to take the ACT or SAT. And it wasn’t until a month ago that I learned I could take the ACT instead of the TAP test (this is all only makes sense if you are an Education major) But yes this Saturday I will be taking the ACT, so earlier tonight was full of torturing and lectures on the ACT, but afterwards I got to enjoy a relaxing and much needed night with friends. Went to One World Wednesday tonight which is a gathering of a group of wonderful people eating at a delicious restaurant in the Peoria Area called One World. I had a lovely Long Beach drink(which has now made me a bit tipsy), and I had a very yummy Apple Pie with Vanilla ice cream. The pie was excellent and the drink was much needed after my week. After One World Wednesday I also made myself Sunshine Toast, this was the first time I had ever cooked this and it was excellent!

This evening I also watched the film, Runaway Bride,” which was an interesting movie to say the least. I especially enjoyed the moment where Julia Roberts character kisses Richard Geres Character right in front of her fiance of the time. Awkward Kissing moment I really don’t know what the writers were thinking when they added this scene in. But anyway my afternoon was spent watching this yet again. I had watched it last night but I had fallen asleep and that is why I’m not surprised about the freaky dreams I had last night. Which involved me running away from ten different wedding where I would add another cat in my life and I was also eating a lot. Yeah this is my life.

Over the course of last week my dear friend Tina and I were discussing Astrology Signs. Now I’m not one to look into these signs all that much and really believe in them, but it is fun and I do agree with parts of my sign. Tina and I are both Gemini’s. Yes, I’m the double sided sign, and yes I do agree I have two different personalities, the shy, introverted girl next door and then the next minute the fun, crazy drunk loud bitch. But recently when I was looking through relantionship compatibility with other signs (yes I do that shit) I saw a page that claims a Gemini Erogenous Zones are their palms and hands. Also I found another article that claims it’s hands and arms. Ok, lets get one thing straight my erogenous zones are definitely not my arms and hands, like I’m pretty %100 sure thats not where they are at, like if you go past my hands, up the arms to my neck then your going to find one. (Cool, publicly letting everyone know Erogenous Zone #1) But shit remember that men, remember that…..please dear god remember.

I also found this wonderful link It makes me feel so much better about myself. And it will make you feel better too.

Song of the night: I won’t Give up by Jason

Cat Picture of the Day

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