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Six Months No Sex (Setting records)


The first time I ever has sex was my junior year of high school. I was 17 and the first friend in my group of friend to check this next step into “growing up.” Something that sounded rather more exciting than actually doing it and I really don’t much have much memory of my first time, or the many times to follow. Besides the room, my ex and a few feeling here and there.

That unsure feeling in the moment. The push into the idea “pun-intended” the shaking and worry of who I will feel like after all this.

I didn’t feel any different.

My body was still thin and my boobs remained small. My freckles didn’t shift towards my feet like they were trying to run away, migrate to a safer body.

Many young women try so hard, through ritual steps to fill those heels and walk like a lady. Like at 10-years-old we weren’t women yet, like feeling our bodies shift, our periods flow and men staring at our growing bodies wasn’t enough to call ourselves women.

We women always feel like we must the tests to become a woman. The period, the bra of different lace, boyfriend, break-ups, cheating, sex (good at it) sexy but holy white, get married, have kids and raise them well. Then we feel like a woman? So far all I’ve learned is how none of these so-called “rights of passage” do nothing to make feel any more like a woman. If anything I have felt more embarrassed, ashamed and trying more and more to be the right kind of woman for the right kind of guy that’s going to be everything for me.

And he never came along. (Ok I’m young) But 25 is right around the corner and this society I’m apart, the one I’ve dressed up for, wore colors on my face and bleed with for years now expects I would have found “him.”

Being that young woman, almost 25, very single and thinking about my next career moves. Makes me feel like an outsider in my culture. I know the culture is shifting but in many respects it’s not. feminist is still a dirty word and people at open mic’s and classrooms want to rinse my mouth out with soap. People still tell me what to wear and not wear. Other’s stare at my breast, make sexist comments to my face and many disrespect my space and my voice.

I haven’t had sex in six months. A record for me. I’ve been having sex since I was 17 and the longest I’ve gone without sex was four months, so being 24 years old and I haven’t had sex in six months is a record-breaking event.

It’s not looking like this record is going to end anytime soon and it’s due to a mix of things. I don’t like any of the men in the area. I don’t want them to touch after hearing the words that flap off their tongues. And I’m really enjoying touching myself lately.

Sex has always been me dictionary definition of who I am. I’m good at sex. I’m sexy, slutty and I know what a man wants. My blow jobs are good and know how to follow the ride.

This was everything I thought I was. So when Thrilla cheated on me and he was second person to cheat on me if really shattered my image of who I was. Because I thought I could keep someone around if I gave them sex, was good at sex and could bend my back in just the right ways.

Sex does not make me more of a woman.

It took me most of my life so far to figure this out.

And I don’t want any other women to feel like this, though I know many do. So I will do everything in my power to end this. It’s time our generation moves on and educates women correctly about sex.

It’s not a definition for who you are as a person or what you can give.

Six months is a long time for me and if you asked me a year ago if I hadn’t sex in six months I would have hated it. But right now in this moment I don’t feel less of a person. If anything I feel more like myself and more of a woman because I have given myself something I always gave to others. My time.

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Saturday Night


This last Saturday was my 30th performance reading my poetry. Not only was this my 30th show but March was the month my writing came to life and was the month I performed my work for the first time ever a year ago.

I couldn’t have asked for a better performance on Saturday night. It was wonderful, I felt wonderful, the room was amazing and its finally hit me. All these dreams I’ve been having really finally hit me and tonight sitting in my room I really do feel like a different person and all the things I want to write about, all the things I want to fight for now. Everything is just rushing at me so quickly and I’m so in love with these feelings and this beautiful woman.

I am so excited to this woman that’s been slowly creeping out of my skin. ( I know that sounds rather weird) These past few months have been so painful and I’ve cried so much.

But gosh this woman that’s been making appearances this last few days, I’m so happy and so excited to feel more of this energy and how much my spirit is filling so hungry and so fulfilled.

Can’t wait for what else of myself is ready to make it’s self known.

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Egg Shells



I’ve continued to have egg cracking throughout various dreams these last few weeks. To the point within my dream last night there were thousands of egg shells all over the floor. I was bare foot and I was crying but I was also so very happy at the same time. I suppose they must have been happy tears.

*Breaking out of my shell*

That’s what I’ve been telling myself I’m doing. I’m breaking out of my shell. Which makes a lot of sense. I’ve been feeling  irritated by certain people around me *men* in particular and the injustice I’ve been not only about how certain men view me as a woman but the other women around has been exhausting.

To realize a dear guy friend of mine has been a core reason for why my poetry has seem to be slipping past my finger tips is a rather very upsetting realization. To not write feminists, to have a smaller voice. The very issues I have been writing about started to become me because I trusted him, my friend and all it got me was tears and the frustration of, “what’s going on?”

I can only hope I’ve gotten back on the right track?

God I’m praying, I know I don’t pray very often but God, Universe, the World I need a big win right now. That would be awesome. Please.

There’s a lot going through my head right now and I did the good feelings to come back.

Today writing they did come back and I’m hoping the feelings are the same again. So I’m going to keep pushing through and hope each day gets better and better.

And even though *breaking out of my shell* has been one of the hardest changes of my life, its one of the happiest most worthwhile experiences and I know I’m going to be a  strong, proud, powerful woman at the end of this all.

I can’t wait to see my poetry and I can’t wait to meet this new woman coming out of her shell.

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My new best friend is a Diva

This week was the week and like the first time I got my period, the first time I used tampons, this marks the first time I ever used a Diva Cup.

And after over 11 years of using tampons I am ecstatic to finally be done with them and to move onto a cheaper, green friendly alternative.

I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful the DivaCup is,

  • I can’t feel (Sometimes tampons were uncomfortable)
  • I can leave it in for 12 hours
  • Fell asleep last night and didn’t wake up early freaking out that I forgot to change it
  • Don’t have to spend $10 every month now on tampons
  • I feel cleaner
  • I feel less stressed, aka don’t worry about it

These are the simple new changes that make me feel more empowered in my life. Make me feel more comfortable with my body and more importantly I no longer feel ashamed of my body. My period, like it did the first time I ever got it, has become a part of myself, something that makes me a woman. Once again I feel closer to nature.

My new love!!

My new love!

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10 qualities you’re looking for in a man (bad articles, written by men)

I’m in the works of reading really terrible articles about dating (for my poetry) Decided to actually do one of their stupid ideas because I’m taking a thirty minute break from my writing.

10 qualities you’re looking for in a man:                                                        (that I want to be in a relationship with)

  1. Has a sense of humor (can make me laugh)
  2. Sincerely cares about how I’m doing
  3. Either has similar values as me or is at least accepting of how I view the world, religion, etc.
  4. We can communicate easily, can talk about more than sex. Everything just seems to flow so well and I enjoy someone who will have witty come backs or is playful in communication.
  5. Has something to compliment me on, something that has yet to be said to me.
  6. Will keep an open dialogue with me
  7. Cares enough about me that if things are not working out they will break it off  in person.
  8. Who wants to go out but is also happy with staying in some nights and just watching a good film or reading books, or writing.
  9. Passionate
  10. Someone who will laugh with me

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Laying out in a dream that looked like the 70’s

Last night laying down on a striped black and green couched my ankle propped up on the cushion [due to falling down the stairs earlier that evening] I sat there watching dancing flicking lights of a dance party. Friends, some sober, some passed out next to me and the dogs and some so drunk they decided to try and give me a lap dance.

This scene can only truly best be decided of a dream like state where I have found myself so how in the late 70’s. Between the music, the items around the house and a couple passed out in a hammock,  I must have been in a dream.

And there I was, in this dream like moment in a soccer tee-shirt, soccer shorts and my rainbow sandals [aka California sandals] with ice on my ankle. Did I mention I also wasn’t wearing a bra or underwear. Somehow though I still get hit on.

This seems to continually happen to me. I somehow find sex. For such a awkward, falling all over the place, saying silly shit stuff, I still manage to find sex. What is it with me? I have also learn that I may not be the most smooth with jokes, walking, eating I have some short of gift in regardless to the art of hook-ups.

Oh boy! Gimmie Gimmie!

Sitting on the couch last night I shared two moments with myself:

1. I was so happy to be single, so happy to know I have all these options. To know that I can go downtown and I can dance my life away and know that guys are checking me out. I am very confident in myself [well most of the time] that I know I have skills, I have looks, and I have a cute personality. Knowing and understanding these adolescent have been huge for me and I know have helped me out as a woman. This is the moments I love being single, I love not being settled down with someone and knowing I have options.

2. The feeling I have stirring deep down inside of myself. The feeling  I’ve since I could read fairy tales, really since i could sit and comprehend a Disney movie. The ideals of true love and living happily. Now don’t freak out too much, I’ m not  overly emotional about this, more this feeling I believe is something many women from my generation especially have deep down somewhere inside of them. This is the moment called, “I miss falling asleep with someone holding.” I miss kissing someone special. I miss having someone a part of my life in the most intimate of ways.

These are the two conflicting feelings I carry with me in each moment of my everyday life. I have both months, days, minutes where these two feelings attack my moments.

Here I am at this party. Full of beautiful, talented, caring and very drunk friends. Feeling as though I’m in a dream. Trying to hold onto that feeling.

Late last night I created affirmations in my bones:

“I do not need someone to confirm I matter.”

“I do not need a man in my life to be happy.”

“I do not need to sleep with a man to keep him around.”

[The last one is something I recently learned the hard way about]

And my last bone hollowing affirmation:

[I love myself]


It seems as though I have grown up a little more.

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Leave this life so shattered

Life has definitely happened since the last time I put up a post. Somethings have changed for the good, others for the worse and some are continuing to stress me out to the point my chest is feels like cement.

First of all, my work. I’m tired of the battle, of the fight/games between co-workers. On Sunday I decided to step up and let go of the hurt, the pain of losing a friendship. I sat back and realized that if I want this job someday its time I start acting like it. It was time I stepped it up and showed how much I love my job and how grown up I’ve become. Plus I’m so thankful for my wonderful boss. I don’t think he will ever understand how much of an influence he has been in my life; he is my mentor and my dear friend. It’s safe to say I’m feeling much better about work and I’m actually in the progress of working on a project for my job, which is going to make life a bit stressful for a week but I love stress like that. MORE PLEASE! (Not joking, I really do love that kind of stress!)

I realized today how wonderful my friends are. I’m so thankful and lucky to have them in my life! Damn, I love my best friends. They are what keeps me going and without them life would be a lot more stressful and difficult to get through. I hope they know how much they mean to me.

The guy I’ve been seeing came home Sunday from spring break. I have yet to see him and he seems to be “busy.” I’m going to believe that he is truly “busy.” But it’s hard and I’m not going to lie, I think he’s seeing someone else/lost interest in me. This is a weakness I’m learning about. I have a hard time with the unknown. I just want to know whats going on, because I not only haven’t seen him but he has barely text me back. I don’t know why this is making my chest heavy. I’m trying to make sense of why this is hurting  so much. My friend Tina asked me these questions trying to help me find out last night at the bar.

Tina: Do you think you’re not good enough?
Me: No
Tina: Do you think it’s your fault
Me: No
Tina: Are you worried about being cheated on?
Me: I assume that everyone has the capable of cheating on me and I’ve been cheated on so much now that I don’t think it will affect me in the same way. So no.

Laying in bed two nights ago I wrote this,

How do you get over the feeling that someone is going to leave you? I don’t know how.

I think I’m scared of people leaving me after I’ve invested so much of my love, my heart, my caring energy on them. I give a lot in relationships and I do this at the very start in a relationship too. I wear my emotions of my sleeve. I haven’t been able to stop this and I don’t think I want to, because I think that’s a gift of mine; how loving I am. But its hard for me to watch someone go and try to go back to how my life use to be. Its like they have died and I must figure out how to go on without them there to hold me.

Maybe that’s my problem, I’m too dependent on having people in my life and when they leave me I come crashing down. Because right now I’m sitting in the car before the crash, before the crunch of metal and everything is in slow mo. I’m waiting for the crunch of this guy to walk off without me. I like him. Right not I’m doing the usual  female issue. I’m coming up with all these excuses for why he is not calling, not texting, not wanting to see me. But like the author Greg Behrendt says, “He’s just not that into you.” Those are the six little words in the back of my mind right now. Then past relationship, past men who come back into the fore front of my mind and I remember all the men that have left me and all have said, “You are such a sweet girl and I don’t want to hurt someone like you.”

So I’m now here. At the moment where I have text him and he hasn’t text back so now I shall sit and wait to see what will happen. My gut is telling me this is not going to work out, but is this really my gut or me scared to be hurt again?  Or is this me scared and over reacting and everything is just fine and he is really just busy. Maybe I’m simply not ready to feel the pain of losing someone again, because I know he would want to be friends but I know I can’t and this has been the case with everyone I’ve been with. From Pita to the best sex I’ve ever had. I told each of them I couldn’t be friends, not for a while anyway. Now best sex guy and I are good friends and this has led me to believe he has always cared about me, but Pita guy this is not the case and I understand now I was really nothing in his life. So I’m in this moment of “waiting.” But maybe that should be my sign. I want to be with someone who will text me as soon as they get back into town and someone who will see me, even if it’s just for an hour. I need that in my life, I need the extra mile from a guy and I don’t think this guy can give me that, because I do know I am a beautiful, smart women and even greater I have such a huge heart and a huge capability to forgive and to care for others. I need a man in my life who will never make me feel worried they will leave. I need this. Maybe what is hurting me so much is that I realize I need to cut it off. That I need to cut it off because I’m not receiving what I need.

God that hurts my heart to say that right now. 

What hurts so much right now is the fact that I just want to find the love of my life, I want them here right now, in front of my eyes, I want them to hold me, to make all my past pain disappear with their arms. I want to walk into my coffee shop with my computer, my books and a guy will look up and see me, simply who I am. Then he will fall in love with my freckles, my smile and the rest is the outwards breath of everything will be ok now, you can let go now. I want a mad hungry, thirsty kind of love. Of not being able to take our eyes off each other and I want to hear the passion of life not only in my voice but in the voice of another that loves me as passionately as they love the sound of the rain falling above their roof.

My God I want to breath again to the point I cough up all the past. I’m becoming impatient looking for him and I’m starting to lose all hope of ever meeting him.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote the past few days:

I’m never gonna wait
that extra twenty minutes
to text you back,
and I’m never gonna play
hard to get
when I know your life
has been hard enough already.
When we all know everyone’s life
has been hard enough already
it’s hard to watch
the game we make of love,
like everyone’s playing checkers
with their scars,
saying checkmate
whenever they get out
without a broken heart.
Just to be clear
I don’t want to get out
without a broken heart.
I intend to leave this life
so shattered
there’s gonna have to be
a thousand separate heavens
for all of my flying parts.”
― Andrea Gibson

Tonight I must remind myself:

I am strong

I am Beautiful

I am resilient

I am a women that deserve the best out of love and more importantly out of life

(But shit do I feel so lost in my heart right now and I feel so unsure and out-of-place in dating.)


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Women are like cats?

So I came across this website today called, “The Real Men project.”

Ok mistake number one, a man wrote it.

Link to article:

Women Are Like Cats

Mistake number two: the picture at the top is a women wearing a purple wig that happens to have cat ears, which not only makes her look like a whore but also crazy as all shit. This picture should not be the one and only true representation of a women that happens to be all about cats.

Mistake number three: author of the advice column states, “’I’ve been married more than once, so I really don’t know that I should be held up as an expert on romance.” (Then why did you write this article??)

Mistake number five: “Nothing here is meant to demean women. I love women. A lot.”  I feel like I don’t need to continue to discuss number five.

Behold mistake number six, “The Call Back.” As a women dating and as a women who is busy and has her own life I’m absolutely sick and tried of being referred to in the terms of take out food. You don’t just go out with me once on a date and then wait for a certain period of time until you want to go out again with me to show your not all about me. If you like what you see, ask me out again, whenever.  I’m not a game/fast food and I would much prefer a man to be forward with me and let me know they are interested in me. I’m 23 years old and I’m tried of dating games, I just want to go out, have a good time and then to let me know you did too or you didn’t.

Mistake number seven: “Get Physical.” What? What?! What is this section??? “Riding a horse, or going for a run, or learning how to dance provides a commonality of experience that is a fundamental building block of intimacy.” Ok the running part is ok, but a horse? Dear Mr. Man author, where did that thought come from?

Mistake number eight (Ok I’m going to copy and paste this whole section): “Read Out Loud.” “It sounds crazy but one of the most romantic things you can do with the object of your affection is read to her. Poetry may be a bit over the top, unless she’s into that kind of thing. But you could get away with reading the phone book and your lady friend will find it intoxicating. But a good novel is probably best. In a pinch just start reading an interesting newspaper article out loud to her and ask her opinion. Engaging her mind and showing that you respect her opinion will always leave a good impression.”-ok the last time someone read to me was my mom and I was seven years old, so no this would not be a turn on at all. I love books, but I don’t want a man to read me a book. I can read my own stuff. Thanks, but no thanks.

Mistake number nine: “Sex is Sex, Making Love is Completely Different” A line from this section: Think of it like roasting a marshmallow. Too close to the flame and that puppy is going to burn up. It takes patience and a steady hand to get it just right.-Yeah that’s exactly what I want you to think of me as when I’m naked. A nice white, hot, thing of sugar on a metal stick and then you have to hold me out onto an open flame to brown me up before you lay me out on graham crackers and chocolate and then stick me in your mouth. Score.

And finally Mistake number ten: “Women Are Like Cats.” “Too many guys treat women like dogs, when really they are most more feline in nature. With a dog, you can pet them whenever you want. A cat can be very affectionate as well, but they will let you know when they would like to be rubbed. At the right time they will purr, arch their backs, and show great satisfaction in physical attention. But you really have to let them make the first move.”-Ok first of all I would like to point out that I was under the assumption that each of these tips would also somehow connect with cats. Like for example the “READ ALOUD” section. Um yeah, like I previous stated I don’t like to be aloud to and neither does my cat. Also I’m come to the realization that because I’m a women, I’m similar to a cat…so I’m a pussy? Cool. LOL. And to make matters even funnier you compare me to another animal “a dog” Then this wonderful article finishes off with the image in my head of a man rubbing my back neck as I arch my back and purr. Yeah try and get that image out of your head.

Thanks Jameselliot for setting the record straight and making me understand why that last guy I had dinner with asked me if I liked riding horses.

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