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Wednesday Night And still looking for my one and only cat

Wednesday Night And still looking for my one and only cat

Dear Readers,

Tonight has been just lovely and much needed after my stressful week. I not only had a midterm this afternoon, but also had ACT tutoring tonight as well. As a Transfer student I had thought I got out of ever needing to take the ACT or SAT. And it wasn’t until a month ago that I learned I could take the ACT instead of the TAP test (this is all only makes sense if you are an Education major) But yes this Saturday I will be taking the ACT, so earlier tonight was full of torturing and lectures on the ACT, but afterwards I got to enjoy a relaxing and much needed night with friends. Went to One World Wednesday tonight which is a gathering of a group of wonderful people eating at a delicious restaurant in the Peoria Area called One World. I had a lovely Long Beach drink(which has now made me a bit tipsy), and I had a very yummy Apple Pie with Vanilla ice cream. The pie was excellent and the drink was much needed after my week. After One World Wednesday I also made myself Sunshine Toast, this was the first time I had ever cooked this and it was excellent!

This evening I also watched the film, Runaway Bride,” which was an interesting movie to say the least. I especially enjoyed the moment where Julia Roberts character kisses Richard Geres Character right in front of her fiance of the time. Awkward Kissing moment I really don’t know what the writers were thinking when they added this scene in. But anyway my afternoon was spent watching this yet again. I had watched it last night but I had fallen asleep and that is why I’m not surprised about the freaky dreams I had last night. Which involved me running away from ten different wedding where I would add another cat in my life and I was also eating a lot. Yeah this is my life.

Over the course of last week my dear friend Tina and I were discussing Astrology Signs. Now I’m not one to look into these signs all that much and really believe in them, but it is fun and I do agree with parts of my sign. Tina and I are both Gemini’s. Yes, I’m the double sided sign, and yes I do agree I have two different personalities, the shy, introverted girl next door and then the next minute the fun, crazy drunk loud bitch. But recently when I was looking through relantionship compatibility with other signs (yes I do that shit) I saw a page that claims a Gemini Erogenous Zones are their palms and hands. Also I found another article that claims it’s hands and arms. Ok, lets get one thing straight my erogenous zones are definitely not my arms and hands, like I’m pretty %100 sure thats not where they are at, like if you go past my hands, up the arms to my neck then your going to find one. (Cool, publicly letting everyone know Erogenous Zone #1) But shit remember that men, remember that…..please dear god remember.

I also found this wonderful link It makes me feel so much better about myself. And it will make you feel better too.

Song of the night: I won’t Give up by Jason

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