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Let me just sit here, just spin here

With the universe hanging around my neck, trickling down spine and out my breath

The universe around my neck

Spring break this week! Woo! Taking it easy this spring break. Got a lot of cleaning already done and spent my whole weekend sleeping which lead to the most intense vivd dream I’ve ever had. It was so beautiful and breath taking! My mind is finally well rested again and its about time I become spiritually connected again. I’m connecting with the universe once again. I feel so good up and down my soul.

Also I turned my poetry into a local contest last week. So maybe I’ll end up winning something, that would be nice. On that note, I love where my poetry is going at the moment. I’m very excited where my work is going. Writing is becoming more and more a part of myself and I’m falling head over heels with it. I’ve made plans of looking into a MFA programs focusing on poetry. I’m very excited and hoping one day my work will make a difference.

Finally almost done with Eat, Pray, Love! I’m in love with this little book. I just picked it back up again after not reading it for about three months and might I add this was the book I needed for this last weekend and this up coming week. Planning on finishing it up by tonight and going to pick up a new book tonight. By I wanted to talk about a part of the book. Elizabeth Gilbert and a few people she meets in Italy talk about how everything seems to have a word. Like cities and such. They then proceed to talk about what they think their word is. I realized what my word is Resilience. Which is something I hope to get tattooed on my back soon, well Resilience Gene is what I want tattooed on my back and I cannot wait for this tattoo to happen!

I’m looking forward to the changes going on inside of myself and the feelings transforming throughout my body. My spirit is ready for the changes happening.

L’ho provato sulla mia pelle

(I have experienced that on my own skin)


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Thursday Afternoon Confessions

-My hair is so fucking soft right now. I wish I could just take off all my clothes and roll around in my bed, naked, long red hair, soft, heaven.

-I need a good dark beer right now. (Better for writing)

-There’s this guy I think is one of the biggest dorks I’ve ever met but damn he’s hot and funny.  Interested. Not sure its reciprocal or not yet. Oh I will figure that one out.

-I haven’t had sex since september

-Last time I had sex…ok I don’t remember much of it. I was drunk.

-I’m in a flirty mood today

-I didn’t wear underwear yesterday. Commando, hot.

-I’m going to change my outfit one more time, into a different dress.

-I want to go out on a date

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