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I know I go on a lot, really most of the time about not wanting to be with anyone right now.

And on certain days this is very true.

But I have these moments, between my dreaming and awake where I miss having someone.

Moments I wish someone would just lay with me, hold me, and kiss me.

I miss the gentler moments of an relantionship.

The moments of a soft touch on my leg and the brush of someones finger tips on my shoulders and down my back. Moments of staying up late, spending hours just talking.

Hours of laughing, hours of blissful smiles, and hours of brushing up against someone else’s hand.

I dream about these moments. That’s all I dream about for the past month and each morning I wake up happy. But this is something I still cannot find, or I still have yet to be noticed.

It’s been so long since I’ve felt any of these moments. Now don’t get me wrong, I have felt the touch of a man these past months, I’ve had someone lay awake in bed with me, talk to me, but I can say only two people have gotten me close to feeling good, just simply making me smile.


Until then, I guess I’ll keep on dreaming.


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