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My new best friend is a Diva

This week was the week and like the first time I got my period, the first time I used tampons, this marks the first time I ever used a Diva Cup.

And after over 11 years of using tampons I am ecstatic to finally be done with them and to move onto a cheaper, green friendly alternative.

I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful the DivaCup is,

  • I can’t feel (Sometimes tampons were uncomfortable)
  • I can leave it in for 12 hours
  • Fell asleep last night and didn’t wake up early freaking out that I forgot to change it
  • Don’t have to spend $10 every month now on tampons
  • I feel cleaner
  • I feel less stressed, aka don’t worry about it

These are the simple new changes that make me feel more empowered in my life. Make me feel more comfortable with my body and more importantly I no longer feel ashamed of my body. My period, like it did the first time I ever got it, has become a part of myself, something that makes me a woman. Once again I feel closer to nature.

My new love!!

My new love!

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