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The Wall: Game of Thrones



Three of my roommates and I became cocaine addicts for this kind of sexist Tv show. Our damn Xfinity decided to hold a Watch-A-Thon the week before the new season started back up and since Walking Dead won’t be starting up until October we needed something to pass the time. Of course there was a catch.

Damn Xfinity only allowed this Watch-A-Thon for one whole week. Ugh* WHY!? How could they give us this drug and take it away so quickly! So two of my roommates and I spent all of last night trying to figure out how we could watch at least the First Season, but nooo we wet to three different rental stores and thought of all the different website ideas, maybe renting it online, buying it online all more expensive than what we are willing to spend on the show, which was nothing. Finally a boy Tina works with (who wants her goodie snacks) drove over at 1am to drop off the first season. Problem though: It was Blue Ray….we don’t have a blue ray and my roommate took his Blue Ray home! AHHH

Now for the title of this post. As many of you know I haven’t had sex since November. This still hasn’t changed for me. For those who know Game of Thrones the men that give their life to the wall are suppose to stay “celibate.” So my roommate’s always tell me to go back to the wall, because well you know…I don’t have sex anymore.

So I’m chilling at the Wall for now and everyone else is naked and getting it on.




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