The weird shit I do at 4am

Last night at 4am  in the living room, where Valerie and I have been sleeping the past two nights. Both of us have been very confused and stressed out about “stuff.” Hands stumbling in the dark I grab a hold of my cell phone and begin deleting every hook-up/every Ex off my cell phone.

I even have old numbers going back to high school, like for example “Nose Candy” number was still in my phone. I’ve kept these numbers mainly because I’ve feared one of them drunk texting me or texting me in general. I’ve claimed that the main reason is texting back or picking up the phone and being stuck speaking to them. This has happened before with an Ex I haven’t wanted to speak to ever agin.

Yet this is simply still an excuse. Time to let go of the past. So I deleted the last of the one that have remained in my phone. Thought it was about time to get rid of that bad energy.

You know what? I think it’s working. I can already feel some weight falling off my shoulders.


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