I’m a Poet?

Today has increasingly turned into, “Oh, you’re the poet.” Or “Oh, I love your work. You’re amazing.”

Which has now lead to every time I walk into an open mic  someone knows me, knows my work, knows I’m from California, but I’ve never met any of these people and they are so happy to hear I’ve decided to read my work at the open mic.

And tonight, I went to an open mic at a bar, where for most of the performances everyone was chatting in the back, people coming in who just wanted a drink, etc. But then I stood up to read and everyone listened, everyone in the bar turned to hear my work, it was so quiet.

I’m very shocked and very humble by this feeling, because I don’t think my work is that amazing. I just really love performing, really love writing and it’s amazing to think others enjoy my work.

I don’t think of myself as a poet, or a writer and it trips me out still when someone says, “Oh you’re a writer, so you know or hey your that poet I’ve heard about!”

I guess maybe I am a poet now?

I’m so humble by everything that’s happening for me.

So thankful and so grateful that I get to do what I love


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