Shit that’s happened and Shit thats continuing to happen

Shit that’s happened and shit that’s going on right now.

-Saturday and Sunday I spent all day judging at a specch and debate tounrament. and I had such a wonderful time! I miss speech, a lot. Of course I’m extermly happy with my poetry and writing too much to go back into speech but I do still miss speech. I always feel so comfortable there, I didn’t feel exactly comfortable at first because I had been away for a year now and haven’t really been couching too, but once I realized I was saying that right things I was like well damn I missed this. I got to judge finals of poetry with one of my roommates and another very good friend/I’ve hooked up with him twice, he’s the “That one night stand I really don’t remember” hmm I guess he’s not a one night stand anymore…

But this weekend was amazing, I judged about 10 rounds, so i was very sleepy Sunday night but it was very worth it. On Saturday afternoon I did jump onto my Mac to write this out:

Today sitting in speech round I realize that maybe I don’t want a relationship right now. Or at least there is no one in this town I’m just dying to have a serious relationship with.  It really hit me today and yes I’ve thought about this before, I’ve felt this, but today I felt is spread throughout my body and I was really happy. Really happy. My poetry is going so wonderfully for me, I’m so caught up with poetry that for once, I want to spend every waking moment enjoying myself, writing, memorizing, writing papers, reading and going to open mics.

-My best friend Valerie told me Sunday night that during the wedding she went to on Saturday, two of her friends asked her how things are going with her girlfriend. (umm awkward because they broke up in March) She tells them this and they seem shocked and then preseed to say, “but we saw you hanging out with her last week, the red head.” Yes, they thought Valerie and I were a couple. We both died laughing about this for about an hour and now make “this is why people think we’re a couple jokes.”

-I found out on Monday that my birth control Loestrin 24 is no longer being manufactured. Cool. But don’t worry the makers of Loestrin 24 FE are pleased to introduce Minastrin 24 Fe CHEWABLE TABLETSAnd then they add Miniastrin 24 Fe is expected to have the same efficacy, safety, and bleeding profile of LOESTRIN 24 Fe.

And I’m like umm EXPECTED! No, I want “WILL HAVE!” I don’t like that word, because Sally needs some sex soon and I don’t need expected anywhere in my sex. 

As I was hearing all about this at the pharmacy and how they may get me switched by tomorrow maybe Wednesday, all I could think it, “wow someone out there in the universe, whether thats God or whatever does not want me to have sex anytime soon.”

Soo….I GET UNIVERSE I STILL WON’T HAVE SEX! I’ll go learn to paint or some shit. 

Which is very difficult because I got kind of  thirsty on Sunday at the speech tournament and it doesn’t help that I forgot how many speeches I’ve hooked up with. Damn….

-Setting up a few poetry shows soon. I’ll have a 45 minute show of just my work. Then I’m setting up a show with poets at a coffee shop, then my friend is setting another open mic up and I’ll be headed to an open mic tonight. Also I’ll be driving with my friend to another performance in two weeks!

-Audition for The Vagina Monologues tomorrow!

-This one guy has been wanting to hang out with me, nice guy, good looking but in honesty I’ve been avoiding hang out. I’m nervous or something. Maybe I’m worried I’ll just end up hooking up, or maybe I just don’t really want to date. Because sometimes I come home and I just want to sleep, working poetry or memorize or sit and watch Tv. But I think I’m going to spend time with him this weekend, so here we go.

-I’m working on a few posts for this blog.

-Virgin Corn Field…Yeah he keeps messaging me late at night, trying to get me to drive and see him. Next time I’m calling him out.

Song of the day: Baby Don’t You Change by Tyrone Wells

Book of the day: Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti 


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