Marahute, the haast Eagle

I am bird

I have this weird affinity, this connection with the Disney character Marahute. Now I know what you must be asking yourself, “who is Marahute?”

Background: The giant golden eagle from the Rescuers Down Under. Now Marahute actually is based on a bird that once use to live throughout New Zealand. This HUGE beautiful bird, basically think of the giant bird in Lord of the Rings and you got yourself the image of what the Haast Eagle use to look like. Haast eagle was also commonly accepted to be the Pouakai of Maori legend.

Maori Legend: It is believed that these birds are described in many legends of the Māori, under the names PouakaiHokioi, or Hakawai. However, it has been ascertained that the “Hakawai” and “Hokioi” legends refer to the Coenocorypha snipe – in particular the extinct South Island subspecies. According to an account given to Sir George Grey, an early governor of New Zealand, Hokioi were huge black-and-white predators with a red crest and yellow-green tinged wingtips. In some Māori legends, Pouakai kill humans, which scientists believe could have been possible if the name relates to the eagle, given the massive size and strength of the bird.

Marahute, the haast eagle in the film is a female bird. I think personally and in the nerdiest way possible a very over looked female character throughout the Disney franchise. We learn , after the main character Cody saves her that she has eggs and the father eagle passed away. And in this moment for some reason I got really stuck on her as a character. I don’t know why. Maybe it was her eyes, they reminded me of a similar pain.

I wrote a poem about this feeling actually, thats titled, “Marahute, the Haast Eagle.”

I guess it is a good thing that the bird I relate myself to a giant eagle, of course extinct but nonetheless. Maybe I’m just crazy and super nerdy about this bird.




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