Can you feel them?

When I look up into the stars I can feel him, the “him” I believe I’m going to meet.  I feel this too when I lay in fresh-cut grass or walk down the street as the wind hits my hair. This is nothing of the sorts of believing in soul mates. I’m not sure if I even believe in that sort of thing. This is the feeling of someone out there that could be a match for me.

Then there are these moments I feel hopeless. Hopeless that I will ever meet someone. These moments come and go. Sometimes I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop, sometimes the bookstore, and sometimes I’m at a house show standing, wine in hand, listening to music and the feeling slowly disappears, like my breath does during the coldest nights of the midwestern air.

Lets be real though, when I meet “the one” I’m going to end up with, it’s not going to be romantic. It’s not going to end up being romantic like all the romantic movies we watch.

  • I’m not going to run into him and spill my books everywhere (I don’t even carry that many books in my arms to spill).
  •  It won’t be at the coffee shop I go to. I won’t reading a book, he won’t come up to me asking for my number, I won’t give him a hard time and he won’t become this persistent guy who asks me everyday for my number because he already knows I’m the one.
  • I won’t meet him after having a drunk hook-up with him, that leads to this whir-wind of back and forth liking and not liking each other

These are all situations that happen in movies, but they would never will happen for me. Not only because these are mostly fictional movies situations because everyone is different, how each of us love and treat love is different. Why would any of us end up falling in love the way characters did in a movie.

And if there is any situation that does happen for me, I’m most likely going to meet the one, through a friend, be an old ex, simply me falling over, or running into inanimate objects.

I’m not sure how I will meet him but I do know it wont be easy, there will be fights, will be days were it feels like it’s not going to work out, days we question are choice in love.We all experience these days, but you get through them.

It’s going to be hard but I never said it wasn’t going to be worth it.

Here’s to hoping I fall into the right mans arms one day

Here’s to hoping he is everything I have never dreamed of.


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