The Awakening (to more sex)

I know sex

Do I know dating? nope, not at all

I have become aware recently how inept I am in the dating world. I become so nervous when talking to a guy I have a crush on, or I shut down all together. This is a growing problem for me and the dating scene. Now when it comes to sex, BAM! No problem, got that shit on lock down. I feel like that scene from friends when Joey talks about how he always feels nervous and then he has sex and that calms him down. This is how I feel. 

I’ve become more and more inclined to “hooking up” as of now. I think this has a lot to do with the last few men I tried to develop a healthy relationship. At the moment in my life hooking up seems like a much more viable option. To be honest I would much rather enjoy a relationship but I don’t have anyone single around me to one, shows an interest in me or two I’m interested in. Along with this I’m far to busy with my poetry and my life to even have the time for a boyfriend in my life.

So fun casual sex it is!



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One response to “The Awakening (to more sex)

  1. i missed the “Love this:” option here, kudos ! i’m impressed with the impressive daring tone. You nailed it OPENLY !

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