End up on countertops

Two words:

Tequila Thursday.

A week ago I went a big spoken word event in town; about seventy or so people attended this event. This event happens every first thursday of each month and I was asked to come and read some of my work. It was really amazing, a fun time, amazing poets, just wonderful to be surrounding myself with poets who spend are there free time doing what I love doing.

Now afterwards is a different story…

My roommates, Jamie, Jamie O. and Jenny decided to have a Tequila Thursday night. **Bad Idea for Sally**

Back Story:  About two years ago, when I was 22 I threw a Tequila party at my place in Cali. Problem number 1: I didn’t know I was taking shots from a double shot glass. Problem number 2: Appertly when I got drunk enough at the party I started taking a shot to everyone that walked into the house.

15 shots of tequila and two beers later: We laying in my own throw-up (Good to know I’m one of those drunk that doesn’t give a fuck) my friends Tammy had to shower me and dress me, along with the best sex I’ve ever had guy had to help me out. The next day waking up in different clothes I text Tammy, “did you come to my party?” She texts back, “Fuck you!” “I had to shower your ass!”

With this background story we can now go into this years Tequila Thursday. Good news, I didn’t throw up. But this time I ended up on the countertop. I also ended up kissing three different people (I’ve been told). I also told the door I didn’t like it and also I’ve been told I sang, tried to perform my poetry and drew all over the calendar. Don’t worry there are some wonderful pictures and footage of me on the countertop.

But the positive points of the night: I didn’t throw up. I didn’t sleep with anyone. I woke up with all my clothes on.

Lesson Learned, when I say ok fine I’ll do just one shot of tequila and thats it. One is never enough for me. At least this time I only did like ten shots of tequila and one beer this time.

Tequila Thursday


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One response to “End up on countertops

  1. “The Shit i do, i do coz i like to do “, mind it.
    I loved it Ms. nomoredating.
    My Guilty pleasure:
    one and the only one today on this slow but progressive interesting day: is to Read The cat Chronicles.
    Because we have so much in common.

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