I have your clothes.

Dear The one that turned out to be an ASSHOLE,

I have a shit ton of your clothes. But now I don’t feel bad at all, because one I hear you do have a new girl. Which is all fine and flowers, but shit dude pull your balls out of your ass and tell me to my face that you want to see other people. Especially after we had two different talks about exclusively not sleeping with other people.

I’m a woman, a beautiful, talented, caring woman who deserve a man to tell her when he wants to end things.

But instead I dated a boy and he bailed on me all together. I’ve never once had someone just stop talking to me out of the blue. Have some class and let a woman know.

I have your clothes and I can’t wait to cut them into outfits that will fit me. You had no respect for me at the end of the day so why should I care about you getting all your shit back to you. Especially when you’re so chicken shit to talk to me you are willing to let go of these clothes so you don’t have to talk to me.

Wow, sad.

Thanks for the new stuff dude. And thanks for the condoms, they’ve come in handy.


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  1. I’m obsessed with this post.

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