Falling Stars (My Poetry)

Falling Stars

Let my lovers energy move me, let it throw me off my feet and catch me in midair

twirling me up, around, tying me into a big pretty sapphire bow.

Then, touch my face with honeysuckle rose smiles.

Kiss me gently on the cheek.

Oh lover,

pray for me to sway closer with your breath,

whispering secrets of this big bang universe, through cellar door ears and out my Efflorescence soul.

As we, love struck lovers watch the falling stars jump through the sky

skipping from galaxy to galaxy

they don’t know where they’re going

but they just keep moving on.

Falling down towards the center of the earth

Why do they fall?

Stars whisper back through the galaxies kiss.

“We fall so others can take our place, we die, so others can live.”

Touch my shoulders with finger tips and brush up against my face, lover

I would die a thousand deaths for you

kissing softly the forest floor, smelling fresh pine on your breathe.

What should I say? sweet lover asks my butterfly catching eyes

I smile and whisper, Tell me I’m pretty, no

tell me, I’m beyond the measure of the word “beauty”,

tell me you see how jealous the stars can be and that’s why they shine so bright, trying to out shine my glow.

Tell me my hips move with the willow trees, and my hands touch your face like the cool air catching onto your aching breath.

But like the breath, you lover, you slipped through my fingers,

Stars faded.

Time rolls away,

I waited

even though the air felt strange, and the seasons change,

I wasn’t ready for change.

You lover, you once told me no one in the universe is more beautiful than me.

It took me years after to understand that this too was a lie

only words of worship

with a message that was interwoven through the strings of a dream catcher

that now twirls over my restless pillow head.

I close my eyes, pray for better days to come, praying for the tears to whisper off my face

throwing my head back, shooting my glances towards the stars and yell out


Why did you think it was fair to love me so deep into silicon veins, feed off heart beats, brushing up against my heart cheeks taking a part of my love away from me?

Stars whisper back, “some times we fall, so others can live.”

“But here is another secret,” they whisper to me,

a whisper hushed like wings of a humming bird in mid air, almost without sound, they speak

“just because you fall, just because you die so others can live, doesn’t mean you’re not alive”

you live in a world more beautiful than reality my sweet angel.

Stars Crescendo through the sky, voices deep, God like, speaking clear,

you my earth angel, you love more than a man can contain in a single glass jar, you kiss with a thousand heart beats and cry like the flashing flood God brought down upon earth.

Don’t be sad to fall down, you fall down to get back up.

You have hope!

Why else would people wish on falling stars, they see us as hope, not as heart break.

People wish on you now too

they wish for you to have a better life than the one before.



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