Sorry I’ve been ignoring you blog, I’ve been ummm “busy”

Ok, I’ve been sex for the past three weeks now. Wonderful, hot, sexy, sex that you only see in the movies kind of sex. Mind you I basically have sex two times a day. So yeah, I’ve been busy. Oops, sorry blog.

But i’m not ready to start blogging about him, about the funny stories, or about the sex. I can’t really give you the right answer to why I don’t want to, but I’m to ready to. But I thought the least I could do is explain why I haven’t been blogging for the past month. Don’t worry, I’m alive, i’m healthy and I’m still happy, I’m still glowing, I’m still full of life. I’m me.

On another note, my classes. I’m in love with my English classes! I feel like I’m really mastering my craft, really learning how to improve my writing and all of this is helping me shine as a person. I miss soccer and running all the time, that’s never going away but I’m so thankful I’ve found another outlet, another place to perform, to master skills and try and be the best in what I love. Sometimes I do think, maybe I wasn’t meant to play sports for ever, maybe writing, maybe speech was all a lone going to be the place I was going to end up. I believe this now. I’ve fallen head over heels with writing. I love language. I love words. Which is some funny irony, because I have my language disability. But it’s true, I love words, I love having others read my work and feeling, seeing what I feel and see really day, every minute, every moment.

Stuff I’m missing:

  • I miss hiking
  • I miss the ocean
  • I miss my mustang
  • I miss my friends in Cali.
  • I miss the smell of evening and morning grass on a soccer field
  • I miss California
  • I miss the smell of the ocean
  • I miss my dirt bike

I may miss all these things, but I have so much here with me right now. I’m just excited to go home this summer and have new experiences at home. I cannot wait! For now though, where I’m at, is pretty great as well.



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