Ekphrastic Poem-Waxed Covered Wings

This is another Ekphrastic poem I did. An Ekphrasis poem means any work about, influenced by, or containing allusions to any other type of art or literature. The subject or allusions can be about anything in the artistic and creative world: dance, drama, literature, music, painting, photography, sculpture.

Waxed Covered Wings

by Sally Fields

Childhood comforts,


eyes shutting out the light, grasping on tight, searching for crayon colored maps,

messages melting into colored wax.

Copper candle wings, light,

freckled fields, each spot leading down into her dreams,

freckles engulfing her shoulders, filling up her blood steam, the deep sun kissed sea on a pale canvas.

too much time spent under the willow tree, sun streaking through the leaves, kissing her shoulders tips.

Turquoise candle dripping dreams.

Red seas shifting past,

ground drooping into a pastel colored earth, hold on tight to the table my sweet dreamer.

Fire whispers sparks of light in her dreams.

Candles melt, sliding through table spaces, hold on tight.

Sweet dreamer melts into the floor boards, slipping into the heart beats of middle earth.

Candle sticks brushing against her freckled back,

floor boards above her head.

She’s slipping through.

Rainbow pencils slide past her finger tips, dreaming through the gravity of earth,

the heaven below the floor boards

“thats what they call it.”

Shes living her life as a light at the end of the tunnel.

Become the wings that fly.

Teddy bear guardians with their heart outside of their bodes all the time, hold on tight to her soft pearl hands.

She whispers to the fuzziest of the bunch, “Am I dying?”

button eyes adjust, glisten, he whispers,

“just on the outside.”

Her heart stops, tears fall off pale cheeks, she feels faint.

Teddy grabs a hold on her hand.

Everything is gonna be alright…do not lose heart.

Calling her home, they are calling her home,

feet touch pink marble staircases, little angles hands touch crystal railings,

wax dress, dripping, half filled promises faded past her face.

No pain, no more pain, waxed cover scars filled open ended wounds

Teddy bears whisper to her, “You’re going home.”

She sheds her body now, peels the colored layer wax.

Fire fades.

Peels off her finger tips.

Fire deems.

Peels off her long golden locks.

Fire whispers.

Peels off her heart.

fire dying,

peels off her tippy toes,

her soul floats right on through, illuminating candle sticks,

lighting the way,

soul cries softly, I’m home.



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One response to “Ekphrastic Poem-Waxed Covered Wings

  1. too much time spent under the willow tree, sun streaking through the leaves, kissing her shoulders tips.

    A glorious poem. Love the line above – but all of it is a delight

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