I haven’t spoken to anyone about this stuff yet, I’ve been digging deep and thinking the past few days. Finally thought I would share.

On Tuesday, the last day of classes, my creative writing teacher looks up at us. Tells us he has enjoyed teaching this class and how much he really enjoyed the class as a whole. Then as each of us turns in the last of are work to him up at the front of the classroom  he  stops each of and asks, “do you have a passion?”Clearly everyone after the first three people are now trying to think of what to say, I’m clearly nervous too.As I approach the table and place my papers neatly down on his desk table  he looks at me and instead of asking me the same question he’s asked everyone he turns to me and says, “I already know you have a passion, so whats stopping you?”

After being frozen in place for about 10 seconds I opened my mouth and said, “Myself.”

Then he smiled, laughed a bit and said, then maybe you should write about that. Because Sally you have such a passion for life, it shows in your stories, but I feel like something is holding you back. And your right, its you. Which is silly because I don’t think your doing a very good job at holding yourself back.

Later that day I went to pick up some papers from my other English professor. He smiles, hand me the papers and I walk away. Half way home I see the note on the back of my paper.


You have such a beautiful spirit, beautiful heart and it shines through in you’re writing, in you’re words and when you speak in class. Its time you let go of whatever is holding you back, I know that the thing holding you back may be small, nothing to big of a problem, but that little pebble in your shoe is slowing you down. Don’t let anything slow you down.

I was really speechless after hearing and reading all of this.I have been so speechless, this is the first time I’ve spoken about it and I still haven’t told any one of my friends about this.

Why was I speechless?

I guess I never thought I was ever meant to amount to anything.

From the looks of it I need to get out of my own my.

Time to write some more poetry.

Time to tell my story.

Perfect. ❤


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