Ekphrastic Poem “Dreaming through your finger tips”

This is an Ekphrastic poem I did for my creative writing class. An Ekphrasis poem means any work about, influenced by, or containing allusions to any other type of art or literature. The subject or allusions can be about anything in the artistic and creative world: dance, drama, literature, music, painting, photography, sculpture.

Dreaming through your finger tips by Sally Fields 

The boy lays awake,

his inception like dream takes hold now, directing him towards his grandfathers piano,

he sits firm, the hard cold oak bench supports his dreaming now.

Finger tips brush heavy against the keys, painting sound with the mind and like a painting in the night, it happens all at once,

each stork paints an image, notes bouncing off the page and into a manuscript of,

sound, it fills the air around his ears now,

playing the melody of his life, circling through his soul and out through his breath.

But in his reality, in his non-dreaming world, silence fills the air.


He writes messages in the air, awake now,

silently telling us the music he hears in his dreams,

hands swaying through the air,  like his own conductor, signning “beautiful” “music” “I can hear” through the air.

His hands go unnoticed, only a quick glance from his family, a smile, a nod and then they sign to him, “Good job.”


So he retreats back into his dream world, dives back into the tides of sleeping dreams,

playing his piano with such fierce conviction,

bringing to life his goldfish. They move and sway through the water, transforming into a miraculous ballet company.

they Corps de ballet with such twisting ease through the air,

born to dance, ready at a moments notice.

They temps levé sauté back and forth through the fish tank, with sparks of tours chaînés déboulés throughout the water.

Dancing only for this little deaf boy,

he pounds harder on the keys, feeling the vibrations bouncing off his finger tips,

the fish lightly petit changement de pieds in the air, short and sweet they dance through his notes,

only the reflection on his hand illuminates the air now.

Water splashing his face, covering up tears of such joy

this young silenced boy sways with his fish, sways with his dream.

“Please let me awake to a world of sound, please let this dream become a reality,” He prays,

“for my gift will be the sweet Pirouette of my fingers tips dancing gracefully on the tops of each cream colored piano keys,”

He fall backwards into his dream and prays to emerge into a world of sound.

For Poem

Le Pianoquarium by AquaSixio


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