In the Midwest, winter time, wearing a dress (About my day blog)

Song of the day: Booty Swing by Parov Stelar 

Book of the Day: The Poet’s Companion by Kim Addonizio and Dorianne Laux 

Quote of the Day: “Write drunk; edit sober”-Ernest Hemingway”

Today I stick out like a sore thumb sitting in my usually place, drinking my usual hot Raspberry Green tea, with the rim covered by my pink lip stick, , these items are all events that play out almost everyday I’m here, but today, I’m wearing a colorful strapless dress, brown boots and a leather jacket. As my one friend Cassie puts it, “I’m wearing my Cali girl clothes,” i.e. it being the November 29th and freezing outside, here I am in a dress and with legs that are white as hell might I add. Which has now lead to everyone in the coffee to stare at me for what seems to be for minutes at a time, I’m definitely the freak of the coffee shop; but lets get one thing straight! It’s 52 degrees outside! That’s warm, thats shaving my legs wearing a dress weather if you ask me. Stupid midwest cold! I just wanna wear my dresses and feel the sun on my body.

-I’m in a mood. Don’t worry it’s a good mood, it’s a umm, how do you put this? Umm, I’m in a dancing mood, a looking for someone to kiss kind of mood. I’m in such a great mood. Also I’m in the mood to flirt today.

-I’ve also been in a sports mood lately as well. Been watching a lot of sports and trying to get myself back into working out more again and playing on little teams here and there. It’s weird to jump back into soccer after everything that happened with my back and neck injury and I’m also a bit rusty, but shit do I miss sports. I can’t wait to fly my ass home and go dirt bike riding.

-I’ll be heading back home to California Dec. 13th! Cannot wait! I miss home so much right now! Also I’m starting to miss driving my Mustang around, especially down by the beach.

Dreaming of the beach.

-Had my poetry workshop this morning. Now everyone thinks my boyfriend beats me. Ok first of all I don’t have a boyfriend. (the reminder of today I’m single, oddest way to be reminded) Next, I’ve been in an abusive relationship before. But nope after reading a few of my poems everyone in my class thinks I am. And also wrote little notes on the sides of my poems. I’m here if you ever need to talk Sally, I love you, your beautiful.

Great. I mean don’t get me wrong, its to know people do care in this world and stuff but still…damn. But hey the plus side is the poem seemed believable enough. COOL!

Also along with that the workshop went ok. I only got two people to really give me anything to help me on. It’s actually very frustrating and I wish people had better comments about my poems. It was more of a grammar check and a spelling check, which is great to get because I’m a horrible speller but still I would have liked more comments.

Workshop, not as helpful as I hoped it would have been.

-Going to be sending out some poems, and a short story soon. I’m very excited and very nervous.

-The high school I work for in going to be in town. I get to see the kids I work with. I get to watch them perform. I’m so excited. I really can’t wait. I miss them so so so much! It’s amazing how a group of students can really move you and put a smile on your face, but they really can. If you ever want to know who I am, just watch the kids I work with. I can’t wait to see them!


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