What are you looking for in a man?

I totally recommend everyone fill this out. It’s actually really difficult to do but so worth it. I got this from my class last week, we are going over gender differences so my professor handed this all out to the women of the class.

What specific kind of a man are you looking for? (For example, funny? Hardworking? Generous?)

Definitely looking for a guy who can make me laugh and also can get along with my goofy humor. Hmm, I guess I’m also looking for a guy who can inspire me with my work, not just with my writing, but my job too. Also a guy with a kind heart and soulful spirit, who really just loves life, loves going out and having a great time. Definitely an optimistic person, who has their own unique passion and hobbies they love.

How do you expect to be pursued? (Do you want regular phone calls? Text messages? Dates at least three times a week? Do you want him to always pick up the tab?)

I wanna be pursed, I want you to come up to me and ask me out, especially if I’ve made a small move, like giving you my number or wanting to talk to you on Facebook, asking questions about what you like, favorite movies, TV shows, etc. But I want to know you’re interested in me.

I don’t need him to pick up the tab every time, but I have spent a lot of my relationships  with me paying more,  so I will say it be nice for once to have a man pay for me. It really does feel good.

I don’t expect dates three times a week, or anything like that, just ask me out, take me out, lets have a good time.

What level of commitment do you expect?(Do you want an open relationship? Or date exclusively? Should it be up for discussion?)

Well, when I first start seeing someone, I prefer it to be more open, more testing the waters, see if it’s going to work out or not. But at a certain point I would hope to figure out if it’s going somewhere. I’m not really into the whole causal dating scene, because the term “causal” to me means that you’re just fuck buddies, without any strings attached, or having any kind of commitments, so it’s a come as you please kind of situation. But yes I don’t mind it being open at the start because both parties need to figure out if this is going to work out or not, but at a certain point I want it to go some where or just end up being friends.

What kind of financial security do you expect this man to have?(Do you want him to be rich? Do you want him to make more money than you? Are you okay with a blue-collar worker?)

If they are happy, and love their job, I really don’t care how much they make or what they do. I understand this, because I love my future career path and I love writing and I understand that I won’t make a lot in teaching or writing but I love it the same, so if the guy I’m with is in love with his job I don’t care how much he is making.

Do you want man who wants kids and is family oriented?

Well, I’m not really thinking about kids at this point in my life. Shit, I’m not even thinking about marriage at this point. But I would prefer to date a man that would consider having children in the future.

Does he have to be religious/spiritual?

No, he does not at all. I’m a very spiritual person, more in the terms of the planet, and the stars, universe. But I’m not sure about a higher power belief. But you know I will support whatever they believe as long as they understand my beliefs and respect them. Also as long as they are not in some crazy cult…I just couldn’t handle that and you know what, now thinking about it, I’m surprised I haven’t dated a guy whose been in a crazy cult.

Do you mind if he’s a divorce or has kids?

I don’t mind if he’s divorced, umm I don’t think I can handle a man that has kids, because I’m 23 years old. I’m not ready to even have my own children.

Can you help a man build his dreams? Can you adapt to his plan?

Yes, I can help a man build his dreams, I’m really attracted guys with lots of potential and what to make something of themselves. Yeah I can adapt to a guys plans, I mean I think thats a hard question to ask, because I know it may be different with different situations and guys. Also the one thing I need and I really cannot adapt to is that I want to go back home to California, because thats where my career is. Thats extremely important to me and its crazy to think that I have been turned off by some guys purely because they said they want to move to the East coast or I have also been super turned onto a guy because he mentions he would love to move to California.

What do you expect of his family? (Should you get along with his mother? Do you care if he doesn’t get along with her? Or if his father was never around?)

I would hope I can get along with his mother, I mean I’ve only dealt with not getting along with a boyfriends parents once and I was really young and I don’t think I really did anything wrong, it seemed that they simply didn’t like me no matter what I did.

It doesn’t bother me at all if he doesn’t get along with his mother. I understand that everyone has different family situations and everyone has grown up differently, so I can fully understand if he doesn’t speak to his mother due to life situations.

What should he be willing to do to woo you? (Should he pursue you? Give you expensive gifts?)

Shit I want him to pursue me, to flirt with me, tell me I look good and in the terms that I’m beautiful (not that, oh your hot smoking shit) and come up to me when I’m sitting down working. Because I’m shy most the time but I will make a point to let a guy know I’m interested and you should ask me out or come up to me. I don’t need or want gifts. I just want to spend time with someone I like talking, go hiking, ride bikes, watching Tv, movies, stuff like that. I want to get to know someone and experience life.


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