Chatting with Tina

Spent the night at Tina’s place. We grabbed some late night food and sat for a bit on our computers and were chatting for a bit.

Tina always jokes that when I’m getting to know a guy and he tells me about certain qualities he has and I just melt for and I guess they are qualities that I’m not aware of. So Tina helped me put together a list of qualities I melt over, that I didn’t know made me melt.

Here we go:

  • Irish, whether it be that you’re irish, talk about Ireland, or have been to Ireland
  • Guinness/dark beer
  • Likes  jameson
  • Sports/sports are hot-Soccer is Bonus Points
  • writer-published stuff-loves writing
  • loves their job
  • artist-music-photo-art-building shit-whatever floats your boat, if its art its hot
  • when someone says they would want to move to California
  • when they hate the cold out here
  • motorcycles-hot-so hot-you+actually owning a bike=hot
  • Older
  • Talented-sexually
  • working the facial hair (this doesn’t apply for everyone)
  • aviator sunglasses
  • works with his hands
  • not socially awkward-outgoing
  • Good kisser
  • Is a smart Ass

(This will continually be updated)


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