The Rabbit

The Rabbit (You can find him under The People as well): Now this is not a guy I’ve dated, but a guy Valerie had seen for a while. He is a hot mess that could never make up his mind what he wanted from her. Now I have just met him over the course of these last few months but I’ve already seen him twice in a rabbit costume. This is not ok. Now I met the Rabbit the night Valerie introduced me to Peeta. They were still kind of having a thing, Kind of though, because shortly after that everything ended between them. Now he works at this bar, umm lets call this place “Red” Yeah the rabbit works at Red, cool. Actually thats where I met both him and Peeta at Red the bar. He seemed very cute and very outgoing when I first met him.  But shortly after and Valerie have had a terrible falling out, you see he got all jaded and shit, and wanted to see other home girls and Valerie wasn’t enough for him basically. Like Valerie asked him if they ever had a chance to be together and the Rabbit says, “Not in next five years, and thats not just with you, thats with anyone.”

Yeah that happened. Hahaha Dear Rabbit, what are you thinking? Oh yeah, give it five years, like a cheap wine. You know then you’ll be ready to drink that shit up. But also think about this Rabbit, Valerie isn’t going to be sticking around here forever. She has places to go, people to meet and new discovers about her career and her life to make, she ain’t going to sit around and wait for your ass.

So that ended.

Valerie was really hurt. She really had cared about him at one point. I know that if you asked her now about it, she would say she’s glad nothing ever came of it. The Rabbit wasn’t ready for anything serious, he wasn’t ready for what she had to offer him. She is strong, he’s still learning.

But after that he seemed to look less and less attractive. He seemed to not care, didn’t seem as outgoing after they broke things off. I hate to say it but he was suffering from the 80/20 rule.

And then that’s when I saw him twice in a Rabbit costume. Shit just went down hill for home boy. Plus now Valerie is feeling better about the whole situation, but he’s ignoring her now. Shit she was at an event and she tried to say hi to him like 5 times and he wouldn’t even look at her. Then at another party she finally called him out on that shit but before he could say something we both had left and she had text him that she wanted to be friends but he was making things feel awkward. She text him that about two days ago and he has said nothing, not text, no call, nothing in person.

So lets hope the stories continue so I have more to write about. hahaha

I wonder if he wakes up some days and asks himself, “is today a bunny?”


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