Friday-Ate out again, more cupcakes, best friends Or lets just call it,”learning to live without sex”

Song of the Day: You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates

Quotation of the day:

when the time comes
to love yourself well
it takes a good solid month
to stop crying
about everything
you have to let go
-Andrea Gibson

I am so fucking tired…

I went to bed this morning around 6am and then only got about 3 hours of sleep. Then finally got about two more hours late this afternoon. But I’m awake again, writing this blog and eating a cupcake.

My friend Tina is out on a booty call run and will be back shortly.

(didn’t get home till 2am)

Need to pick something out to watch…hmm what to watch…hmm The Iron lady. Yep I’m going to watch the Iron Lady. Such a good movie!

Lots to do this weekend! It’s going to be very busy. Sundays outfit will be awesome! But shit I have to wake up at 4am tomorrow to get ready. But shit! I get to put on a suit. Suits are sexy as all hell. I’m gonna look all kinds of good this weekend.

Ate out again tonight. I needed that in my life.


So I have Cosmo on my twitter and I swear to God every damn day twice a day Cosmo posts up a sex position of the day and I’m like umm Cosmo, when the hell will I be needing this!?! Thanks Cosmo…thanks for reminding me I’m not getting any.

Tonight on Facebook I have seen over 10 different people post about Sadie s Hawkins day. All 10 happen to be men, and all 10 of these men happen be complaining about how women never ask men out. Um ok, I happen to be a women. And as a women (might I add a women that dates often now) I have actually asked a few men out on dates. So surprise men of Facebook! I have asked plenty of men out in my life, but shit how about you ask me out? I have only gone out on about 3 or so dates since August so how about we change that. Because I just get the feeling that most of you just want to have sex with me more then asking me out on a date.

(Ok I know more and more sound like a huge hypocrite. You know with the whole I want someone to ask me out but I talk about how much I miss sex)

Well fuck it. I want to date first, sex after (sometimes)

And to be honest I’m more of a commitment kind of person any ways. I’ve had two long term relationships. One that lasted 2 years and the other 3 years. So I know I’m definitely more of a commitment person, but I’m just learning it’s really hard to find someone who wants that as well, and I means in the terms of they are interested in me and want to see how they feel without seeing me naked within three days of knowing them.

So any ways back to Sadie Hawkins day. Stupid, stupid men who complain that women don’t ask them out. Because here are the reasons to probably why women aren’t asking you out:

  • Reason number 1-She’s just not that into you
  • Reason number 2-She doesn’t know you like her, because you’re playing games and shit and not just being forward with her
  • Reason number 3-You’re in the friend zone
  • Reason number 4-She wants you to ask her out
  • Reason number 5-She may be really shy (I’m really shy)
  • Reason 6-Ask her out! You wanna see me naked? Ask me out first. Women go through a lot of trouble to dress up, shave, put on make out so the least you can do is be the one to ask me out.

Think about it men, think really hard…

Because here I am, single, hanging out and available to date.(ok I do talk about cats a lot, and my sexual  desires, and im weird as all shit but still, shit! Stop bitching men and just ask me out. Shit.


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