The day after Halloween- I want more candy, sex, and cupcakes. At least I got two of the three

I’m afraid I haven’t been keeping up with blogging these past few days.

Shame on me.

Song on the Day: La La La by Jenny Grozdich 

Book I’m reading of the day: My boyfriend wrote a book about me by Hilary Winston

Poem of the DayJellyfish by Andrea Gibson

I haven’t been that in the mood to be writing these past few days. I’ve been short of in an odd slump this week. I really need to get over this odd feeling I’ve been going through, because it’s been messing with my school and my writing. I just haven’t been into my classes which sucks because I love all my English classes. Plus it doesn’t help that I’ve been sick the past three weeks. Yep, its time to go to the doctor. Ugh.

Today I was driving in my friends car and she turns to me and says:

Cristina: Ok I have a question. Umm when you’re doing someone, have you ever had to stop yourself from saying another persons name?

Me: omg! Yes!

Cristina: Ok, good because I almost did that last week. I had my mouth open and was about to say it and I stopped myself.

Me: omg, yeah, I’ve done that too a few times. Actually I’m realizing it’s getting harder and hard now that I have so many names now in my head. Lesson learned more people you sleep with, the more names you may accidentally say with someone else.

Cristina and I then came up with one interesting thought after talking about this.

“Do men have this same problem?”

Because both Cristina and I have never had a guy say another girls name to us as we are getting busy. So is this even a problem for you guys? Is this something you guys talk to each other about, or are you all better about remembering names then women are??



Single Women Decisions I’ve made this week

I’ve eaten out twice this week (may again tonight)

slept in, instead of going to the gym

bought 12 cupcakes

talked to Frida the cat more then men

didn’t shave for three days

looked up vibrators (seriously thinking about buying a new one)

Already own two vibrators, want a new one!??!

shameless flirting with men

sex dreams have taken over my life

Listening to AC/DC is the closest I will get to getting some

didn’t shower for three days, then showered and looked damn good

made an emotional bond with a cat

I still have 5 cupcakes

A funny link my friends Valrie, Cassie and I found last night. Oh Late night Halloween fun. LOL

Cat Picture of the Day


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