Making a List

Here’s a list

The weird shit you have to get use to if you date me:

  • When I eat, food seems to end up in my hair
  • My friends say I have hole in my mouth because when I eat, food sometimes seems to just fall out of my mouth
  • I run into shit all the time
  • I’m addicted to hand lotion
  • I have to double check a bunch of times my car is locked
  • when I’m out eating, everything has to be placed at a certain way on the table
  • I switch back and forth with which hands I use for my fork, knife, or spoon
  • I’m scared of E.T.
  • I find my underwear in the weirdest places
  • I make some weird hand gestures
  • I have terrible grammar
  • My leg shakes when I’m sitting down
  • I lip sync  and dance a little when I’m listening to music and writing
  • I’ll eat pasta and eat sweets (my friend thinks this is weird)
  • I’ve been known to walk out of my hose with two different sandals on
  • I’ve been known to walk out of my house with my shirts inside out or backwards
  • I don’t how to use Tumbler ( I have tried and I have failed, three times)
  • I can be blonde
  • I will trip over myself.
  • I’m so weird
  • I have a whole album called, “Cats in Hats”
  • I snap with my pinky fingers
  • I’ve gotten a paper cut in my eye
  • I’m not organized with anything but my job

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I know putting down all my weird qualities will definitely not help me get laid, but ehh whatever I’m past that issues.

After looking over all my lovely qualities I’m going to say, “Good luck.”

Good luck Sally, good luck…You’re going to need it

(I also refer to myself in the third person sometimes)


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