Sunday: hungover, sleepy, and cold as fuck outside #CaliGirlProblems

Book I’m reading today: Eat, Pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert (I know I’m still reading it, I haven’t had the time to read)

Song of the Day: Twist and Shout by The Beatles

At “The Coffee Shop” again, writing for my blog and my short story, again. Loving every minutue of it. Last night was much needed after the events of this week. I have been emotionally drained lately and it was nice to forget about all that for a little bit.

First I went to dinner with Valerie and Annie. Got FlatTop and we got ice cream cones too…hahah Then Valerie and I spent hours doing are make up and hair and dressed up like pin up girls for a Halloween party. We were in no mood to dress up funny, we want to look good, we needed to look good. (Best desicion ever)

Halloween Party was fun. It was very much needed after everything this week and I think Valerie would agree too. ❤

Been reading lots of other blogs lately and I’ve noticed there are a lot of bloggers that talk about they want in a man. I thought huh…I never have really thought about it.I know we really shoulnd’t, people won’t have everything your looking for, blah, blah blah, but I think that there are certain traits you can’t over look, like if i don’t have certain apsects I can’t click with someone and it’s not going to work out. Example, everyone of my past boyfriends. And its time  I write it out and see whats must importent to me.

So here we go!

50 qualities and traits I think I need in a relationship (In no particular order)

  1. Loves the Beatles
  2. can talk about books with me
  3. funny
  4. has a car
  5. has a career/job they love
  6. wants to live in California
  7. Loves Cats
  8. communicates with me about plans
  9. Will watch my movies with me and likes them, i.e. Pan’s Labyrinth, Midnight in Paris, My Neighbor Totoro
  10. Wants to be in a relantioship
  11. is ready to be in a relantioship
  12. thinks I’m beauitful
  13. Forward with me about how they feel
  14. outgoing
  15. Loves an adventure
  16. Loves to be active (sports, working out)
  17. taller then me
  18. likes to cuddle
  19. See the beauty in the world
  20. Sees the glass as not half full or half empty but see how fortunate we are to even have a glass
  21. Loves food
  22. understands my career comes first in my life
  23. Understands how much I love my job
  24. Sees how much my job makes me glow
  25. Talking is easy, not awkward
  26. willing to try new things
  27. doesn’t care what people think about them
  28. Speaks up for their friends
  29. thinks I’m glowing
  30. makes me take risks
  31. sees more then just my body and I’m more then just sex
  32. will take me out on dates
  33. Likes to go hiking
  34. Likes Rollar Coasters
  35. Will respect me but won’t let me get away with bullshit, i.e. they will stand up for themselves if I’m being rude to them.
  36. Sees me
  37. Likes to go camping
  38. Feels the energy of the world
  39. Loves cars
  40. Loves motorcycles
  41. Knows who they are
  42. Knows what they want from life
  43. Loves coffee and tea
  44. Won’t put me down
  45. Believes in me
  46. Has a passion
  47. Will take me out to eat
  48. Never Gives up
  49. Is a stronger person, because of the things they have gone through
  50. Knows who they are and is happy with who they are

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