First I really need to shower, but I’m hungry. So I’m going to eat first and then I’m going to shower after. Isn’t that just the worst? When you need to shower/get your life together but it be so much easier to read a book, or watch Netflix, or eat. I swear the longer my hair gets the more showering becomes a chore, Now I understand why dogs hate taking baths. When your hair is this long its like a second job to clean it, then dry it, and then style it.

I’ve decided I’m going to be cooking a piece of salmon with onion, and mash potatoes.

I’m all about the Drive soundtrack at the moment

Also its cold today! Damn! What happened to the lovely California like weather? It feels like I live in the midwest again…

Tina and I went to Jimmy Johns, I went as her Support and then I got me some Dr. Pepper (my weakness)

Quotation of the day from a friend,

“Damn, look at that ass! oh damn…I’m all about that ass”-Tatiana

So when I went to OCC I took this fabulous communication class called intrapersonal communication. Basically is about discovery of yourself and other spiritual aspects such as that. One portion of the class we went over Palmistry, which was really cool and I’m all about it. My friend Titaina and I spend a lot of time reading are palms. Now we have three main lines, Life Line, Head Line and Heart Line. Check out this site: PALMISTRY

Now if I do say myself my Heart Line is all kinds of fucked up. It has this lovely break in it before it reaches the fingers. Which indicates I have suffered emotional trauma, umm welcome to my life and more then half my relationships. LOL. But it’s ok, because I put my heart there very easily, I trust quickly and love fully, with all my heart so it only makes sense I’ve been hurt so much before. But I don’t regret a single minute of my relationships, because they have shaped who I am today and well not in my life anymore (thank god) Plus I have a long life line, so cool I’ll be around for a long time, so cool.

So everyone should read their palms, its fun and makes you hate life even more. LOL

Time to shower, get ready for my night class and listen to some more wonderful music.


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