Hump Day

Yes, I have chosen to become an active blogger on Wednesday aka “Hump Day” which is ironic because no one is going to be humping any time soon. I have never been much for words, which is also ironic  because I’m not only a English Major but an English Secondary Education Major. Which means I’m going to be teaching English to the future of America. Along with this, I was never one of those girls in middle school writing my life away within the comfounds of a diary, I guess I was never the Anne Frank type. But recently being single after a three year committed (me being the committed one) relantioship I have become intereted in writing down my thoughts and everything that goes on in my life, because shit happens and I’ve got some pretty crazy ass, funny stories to tell.

So watch out Ex Boyfriends, friends, and cats, I’ve got some awesome stories and I don’t give a fuck telling them anymore.So SUCKS TO SUCK! (But don’t worry I will change names around, so don’t flip a bitch) But it’s time I write down my life. Time to buy me another cat, try to become more of a vegetarian, drink, dance, dye my hair and not give a fuck what people think or say.


NO MORE DATING, JUST GOING TO BUY A CAT (stories of dating, food, friendships, and cats)



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